Artist Statement: Mother Daughter Collabotation: ‘Quintessence and the Fourth Dimension’ by Av Robertson and Stephie Pomare

Quintessence was something that the Alcemists spoke of… the 5th Element. The Magic required to change metal into Gold. The Fourth Dimension is Time.

I work with my young daughter because her life and her participation in my work seems to complete me.

I see her as My Living Growing Sculpture which Creates. My little Tatitian Princess. My Baby One. My BBG (Beautiful Baby Girl)! My Super Stephie.

I document her Artisic development and collaborate with her because I always wanted to. But one thing that I didn’t realise is that there is an absolutely facinating and amazing connection between mother and daughter…

How I understand every single mark she makes – even more than I understand my own marks.

So I want to facilitate that. Because her amazing mind is amazing. And she depicts her memory. Perfectly. More expressively than she could have if she learnt all the measurements and proportions of what realistic Art demands.

Because interesting Art – I believe, should be a perfect depiction of our minds. Not that through the lens of which could have or was directly copied from reality. That has been and done – we have all got the t-shirt (big deal).

We crave the portal of our minds. Outsider Art is a bit like that; it is in Steph’s part – and I like it and I like how it is something that you feel intuitively – each mark makes meaning. And I hope to nurture her own free mind and re-unlearn my academic Art education to remember what my free mind used to look like. And help others to love their own imperfectly perfect mind’s eye. Because it is exactly perfect what our mind sees. And each human is yet to try to fully depict it.

Many Artists work with Artificial Intelligence – and that is interesting – finding out what it looks like inside of a computer’s consciousness – or programming…

I work with Human Intelligence – raw Human Intelligence. And isn’t it interesting that our programming… our memories, shows us images of negative memories?

(my own work… has always to be an aim to bring Joy to an Audience… but it’s difficult to do due to the ying yang aspect – a small aspect of joy will compell the opposite and vice versa… so perhaps depicting our bad memories is the only way to clearly cause joy in an Art Audience – Like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” – we feel truly understood when we can identify with such a strong inner experience.

I believe that the expression and processing of emotions by Artists is a necessary role – evoking an internal response – so we don’t feel alone is important for the evolution of humanity. Processing our emotions through Art… allows us to transform our perspective and helps, not only, us but many people to also benefit.

And my own work is looking at the meaning of Life – I believe it is about living a life of Art)

So this is why I teach my daughter to Paint and Draw and Sculpt. And I believe she can start to be an Artist right now. I think her raw still learning, still unable to be perfect is simply perfect. All an Artist really needs to do is be bold and courageous. I want to start her Career Now before she learns to be afraid.

I became an Art Teacher because I was too afraid to be an Artist Myself. And as an Artist – I want an Art Assistant! That’s why I do it for her.

I want money and opportunities to flow to her life. I want her to feel and know that she is a success – simply because she is herself. I want her to be proud of herself.