Your Artist Statement

How do you exactly write Your Artist Statement? And Why?

Your Artist Statement is a very crutial aspect of showing your Artwork. Your Artist Statement allows your Audience to access the understanding of your ideas.

Your Artist Statement is a bit like ‘Your Big Why Statement’. Your Art Statement underpins your Art Marketing.

Art Galleries these days expect Artists to build up their own Audience before they will even consider representing you. And even if you are represented by an Art Gallery you usually still need to cultivate your Audience.

The best way right now to cultivate your Audience for free is to use Instagram. And for a small fee you can submit your Artwork to Art Books, Art Magazines and online Art Auctions. For those you need an Artist’s Website.

But for now, lets just focus on your Artist Statement.

As an Artist you need to write different types of Artist Statements to market your work – and it all needs to corelate.


You need to do Your Long Artist Statement, your 300 word Statement and your instagram Bio.

Your Long Artist Statement is the one which has a no defined word limit. Around 1000 words. You would use it in your Website.

If You are going to Submit your Artwork to an Art Magazine or Book… You will have to come up with a version of Your Artist Statement that is 300 words only.

And if you are going to Market Your Artwork on Instagram… You will have to come up with a very small snippit to use as your Bio. And then you need to regularly post and write about your work – asking your audience to interact with you, give you feedback, and comment about your work.

There is no particular One Way to write Your Artist Statement…

But… your Artist Statement explains why you decided to become an Artist, why you chose the materials that you use currently, and what meaning you are trying to communicate with your latest body of work (Your Art) to your Audience.

If you would like an Art Coach to edit, check over and give you feedback for Your Artist Statement – AND give you a list of opportunities to submit your Artist Statement and get exposure for your Artwork internationally? So you can feel confident to become a Successful Professional Artist…

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