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The Art Lover’s Collective was founded to facilitate professional profits for Artists snd Art Investors.  We want to raise the value, esteem and accessibility of Original Contemporary Fine Art – helping more Artists to successfully make a full time living as Artists. 

Contemporary Art Appreciators is a New Luxurious Art Book, an intitative started by The Art Lovers Collective. Our First Call for Artists are opening right now! ARTIST! SUBMIT YOUR ART TO BE FEATURED! RIGHT NOW! (Deadline March 20th 2021)

We also have larger Art Equipment for Serious Professional Artists itemized for sale on this site.

Welcome to The Art Lover’s Collective!

I am Avril Robertson and I founded the Art Lover’s Collective.

Thanks so much for investing in Art.

It is my pleasure to Welcome You to, The Art Lover’s Collective. I hope we can always help you with your Art and your Art Appreciation Journey.



Avril Robertson,

Founder of the Art Lover’s Collective


P.S. Artists, Art Writers, Submit your Art to be featured in the “Contemporary Art Appreciator’s Art Book! The $35 Application Fee is non-refundable. Deadline is 20 March 2021. Don’t Miss Out! Apply Now! 🙂


P.S.S. Art Investors, send the subject line “Yes I am a CAA” to and I will send you more information about how you can get your copy first.

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